The ACE Programme Steering Committee consists of Indonesia, Singapore and Viet Nam as Co-Chairs of the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) Working Group on Global Leadership (formerly known as Working Group on Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM)), together with the AHA Centre, the ASEAN Secretariat and representatives from the Government of Japan. The Programme Steering Committee is a decision-making body which decides on and approves changes in the conduct of the project to ensure that objectives are met. It monitors the progress of implementation and provide guidance on the direction of the programme. The PSC also decides on and approves budget changes and reallocation. The Steering Committee reports on progress to the Working Group on KIM.

National Disaster Management Authority of Indonesia (BNPB)
Co-Chair of ACDM Working Group on Global Leadership
Singapore Civil Defense Force
Co-Chair of ACDM Working Group on Global Leadership
Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority
Co-Chair of ACDM Working Group on Global Leadership
ASEAN Secretariat
AHA Centre
Mission of Japan to ASEAN & Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund Management Team



Mr. Mao Saohorn,
National Committee on Disaster Management (NCDM) Cambodia (Batch 2)

“After graduating from the ACE Programme in 2015, I was designated as an executive official from of organization to manage the joint cooperation projects/programme in-country and overseas with ADB, JICA, UNESCAP, ADRC, ASEAN, etc. In 2019, I was promoted to a new post as the Deputy Director of Department of Education, Awareness and Training. I feel confident with my present job and I am doing a good job because of my capacity I gained from the ACE programme for 6 months at the AHA Centre. I gained many skills and knowledge on humanitarian work and experience in ASEAN as well as our sessions in Japan and New Zealand. In my country, I feel very confident to work with UN partners, academic and government ministries to coordinate and communicate in pursuing projects and programmes in Cambodia.”