The ASEAN region is one of the world’s most exposed area to frequent floods, typhoons, droughts, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that cause loss of life and destruction of infrastructure and property. As the rate and intensity of these disasters is increasing significantly, the need to enhance the capacity of the National Disaster Management Organisations of ASEAN countries to coordinate and lead in all aspects of disaster response is paramount.

One of ACE Programme’s goals is to ensure that Member States share trust, common understanding and familiarity with each other’s disaster response mechanisms as well as the region’s collaborative platform for an effective joint response.

To reach the goal this goal, the ACE Programme is designed to be an intensive training programme, especially for middle-level managers from their respective NDMOs, creating a new generation of leaders in disaster management.

The Programme’s curriculum covers the essentials of disaster management and builds on lessons from international, regional and national response experiences in the past decade. The courses are delivered through a variety of learning methods, from classroom discussions, on-the-job training and study visits, ensuring a balance between theoretical and practical learning. The courses are held mainly in Jakarta, Indonesia, with visits and collaboration between disaster management teams in Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand and other countries.

The first ACE Programme was conducted under the Disaster Emergency Logistics System for ASEAN (DELSA) Project Phase I as a way to address capacity building and disaster response connectivity issues. The Project received positive feedback with the continuous support of the Member States. With ACE Programme graduates, the AHA Centre now has a network of competent personnel who facilitate coordination between the AHA Centre and the 10 ASEAN Member States in the event of a disaster emergency.





Mr. Mao Saohorn,
National Committee on Disaster Management (NCDM) Cambodia (Batch 2)

“After graduating from the ACE Programme in 2015, I was designated as an executive official from of organization to manage the joint cooperation projects/programme in-country and overseas with ADB, JICA, UNESCAP, ADRC, ASEAN, etc. In 2019, I was promoted to a new post as the Deputy Director of Department of Education, Awareness and Training. I feel confident with my present job and I am doing a good job because of my capacity I gained from the ACE programme for 6 months at the AHA Centre. I gained many skills and knowledge on humanitarian work and experience in ASEAN as well as our sessions in Japan and New Zealand. In my country, I feel very confident to work with UN partners, academic and government ministries to coordinate and communicate in pursuing projects and programmes in Cambodia.”