The ACE Programme is an intensive training to prepare future leaders in disaster management. The curriculum is designed to enhance the participants’ knowledge, skills and behaviours as humanitarian experts, multi-stakeholder collaborators, result-oriented managers, and effective leaders.

Participants go through at least 1,000 hours of residential training delivered in 4-6 months. Participants learn from each other and become familiar with the unique disaster management strategies of the 10 ASEAN Member States. They are also exposed first-hand to disaster management policies and approaches in ASEAN countries they visit as well as Japan and New Zealand.

In the classroom, participants interact with the experts in the field and experienced leaders. They reflect and explore the application of concepts and practice into their national context, disaster management policies and resilience plans.

Spending time at the AHA Centre in Jakarta exposes the participants to the nature of coordination work for disaster management and the activation of the Emergency Operations Centre during disasters. Simulation exercises test the ACE Programme participants’ understanding and stretches their endurance to accomplish mission objectives in hardship situations.

The end of the Programme, graduates find themselves more confident, more articulate, and more connected to others, ready to effect change in the real world.



Mr. Marc Rembrandt P. Victore,
Office of Civil Defence (OCD) – MIMAROPA (Batch 2)

“The ACE Programme gave me an insight on how the ASEAN community manages the adverse effects of disaster through its established systems and protocols (AADMER, ASEAN-ERAT, etc.) and different ways the ASEAN Members States provide the necessary assistance to the affected populace. This is a vital factor in the mobilization of response mechanisms to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the response operations.”